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Grooming can actually be really fun and relaxing for your dogs. It's important to try and schedule a grooming when your dog is calm and feels safe, especially if they are the excitable type. Getting used to baths, brushing, and hair cuts can be scary at first, so sessions should be kept short and basic. Our patient and understanding staff is trained in proper techniques to help your pooch get adjusted to the process. With a little calm reassurance from our bathers, your dog will be a pro in no time!


Grooming starts at home! But for the owner on the go, we have experinced proffesionals here at The Lodge to help keep your pets happy and healthy.




It's incredibly important to maintain your doogs health and hygeine at home.

Regular brushing or use of a comb will help keep your pet’s hair in good condition. A simple brushing can remove dirt, help sprea natural oils throughout their coat, prevent tangles/matting and keeping their skin clean and irritant-free. If you want your pup to look and feel their best, remember to brush at least once a week!


Happy Camper pet lodge offers brush-out sessions at our facility, 15 minutes is just $4.00!!




 Your dog, in particular, may need to be bathed more often when attending daycare or after boarding. Especially if they spend their days romping around our daycamp, getting muddy with their friends! 


Happy Camper offers basic baths and more in our spa. We use high quality products and offer a range of different shampoos and conditioners to fit your dogs' specific needs. Every dog has different skin and fur!


Nail Trimming


Clipping a dogs nails is often difficult, and sometimes terrifying for an owner to do by themselves. Why not let the professionals handle it in our spa! Our bathers are experienced in handling your pups' paws with care. We offer both nail clipping and hand filling. Filing the nails down will leave them smooth and rounded, perfect for walking around on hard-wood floors or playing with the kids at home! It's recommended to have your dog's nails trimmed 2 weeks, and in some cases more frequently (espcially the older dogs who don't get out for as many walks as they used too!). 


We can always accept walk-in clients for nail trims!

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