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Boarding & Daycamp

Boarding can be scary for a dog as well as the owner. Happy Camper Pet Lodge is committed to making the experience a pleasant and relaxing one for everyone involved. We believe that a stay with us should be a vacation for your pets. Our staff is hand picked to provide your pets with the most reliable and gentle care possible. We are all patient and understanding of you and your pets' individual needs. 

Dog Boarding


Happy Camper Pet Lodge is excited to welcome your pet to stay overnight with us. Our facility is staffed 24 hours a day so your pet is never alone. We have six outdoor play yards, to provide stimulating exercises and playtime for your pups. We also have an indoor play yard to provide entertainment during any type of weather. No need to miss out on the fun because of a little rain or snow!
The Lodge offers basic boarding kennels, as well luxury suites. Our Luxury suites are equipped with a television, a large window for your pet to bask in the sunlight, and comfy beds to give your dogs a more at-home feeling.
All dogs are provided with bedding and blankets. We have feeding times scheduled three times a day to stay as close to their at home feeding schedules as possible. Food and water bowls are provided at the facility, no need to bring your own. Our staff takes extra time and care to help your pet feel at home with us here at the Lodge. 



Our staff here at Happy Camper Pet Lodge understands the feelings associated with leaving your pup behind while you’re out of the house. That’s why we offer Daycamp services to keep your friend busy and entertained all day. No more feeling guilty, just happy and tuckered out pups!
During a day of daycamp, your dog will be placed in a pack that is his/her speed and enjoys the same type of play. We take extra time observing your dog and placing them in a group suited for their size, energy, and personality. Our groups range from playful puppies bouncing off the walls, to elderly groups who prefer to bask in the sun and enjoy the smells.  We offer half-days of daycare, multi-dog discounts, and package deals to better suit your daycamp needs.

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